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The publisher is picking up a portion of the cost to photograph the homes for this year's Street of Dreams. This will save all exhibitors set-up fees and

make it possible to purchase photos for your usage at a greatly reduced pricing schedule. This also enables photos to be purchased on an individual basis

(rather than the normal per session basis) in Print (high resolution master file) or Web resolutuion only formats. High resolution master files are approx

60-100MG in size depending on color space and file format. Web-rez only files are 900 pixels wide with varying vertical dimensions.


Above image, photographed for Austin/San Antonio Urban Home Magazine is an example of 900 pixel width,

high quality web optimized JPG file format supplied for web only option (NOTE: images that are vertically

oriented are also supplied at the 900 pixel width, vertical dimension will vary.


Street of Dreams Photography Rates


All content & photos copyright © 2011 Jason Roberts & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.


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Important Copyright Information:

Fees for photo usage entitles the buyer to a non-exclusive copyright. This means the buyer has a non-transferable right to use the images for their

business without restriction. However, it does not provide the right to the buyer to supply images to other businesses. Example: If photos are purchased by

a builder, they may not in turn be supplied by the builder to a flooring company, cabinet maker, interior designer or other business that would benefit from

using the photos to market their business. Other businesses must pay the quoted usage fees for images to be released to them for their usage.


Pricing: Architectural Interiors

Click HERE for Architectural Exteriors Pricing


High Resolution Master Images for PRINT Media (60-100MG uncropped size - depending on color space & file format):

Resolution is more than adequate for Double Page spread, magazine quality reproduction or up to 26" x 38" large format photo prints

Qty (1): $200; 2nd Image: $150; 3rd - 5th images: $100 ea. (Call for volume package pricing if more than 5 images are requested: depending on variables,

a full day session may yield approx 30-40 photos. Of these, a package of 20 images selected is $1,500 – just $75 each. Custom packages available.)

Web Optimized JPG Images (900 pixels wide):

Qty (1): $150; 2nd image: $100; 3rd - 5th images: $75 ea (NOTE: web-rez images can be used for print applications not exceeding 4" in width)

(Call for volume package pricing if more than 5 images are requested)


Fees quoted are for non-exclusive copyright release to one buyer. Click here for non-exclusive copyright definition & terms.