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Gallery: GSABA 2012 Gala Awards: Portraits


210.340.2033 office  |  210.789.2033 cell  |  866.202.1650 toll-free

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High resolution photos are $20 each per person or married couple (If there is more than one pose, additional photos are $10 each). 

Please select your photo by number at bottom of gallery image,email me with you selection @ jr@jasonroberts.biz

When I receive your email, I will send you a link where you can download the hi-rez photo.

Please mail your check to: Jason Roberts, 3934 Misty Glade, SATX 78247.

NOTE: fee for photo is per person, if several people are in a group, each person in the group must pay for their own photo; group photos

purchased by a business are covered with the $20 fee for the usage of the business, not tranferrable to people in the group.

All photos copyright © 2012 Jason Roberts & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.


Click on the text link below to download the file(s) to your computer. NOTE: to protect from any potential file transfer

corruption and to reduce the size of the file during download, the JPG images are supplied in a Zip archive.

Clicking on the text link will enable the download of the file to your computer. JPG files are saved at the highest quality/

lowest compression setting for maximum image quality. Resolution and image quality should enable up to an

approximately 20" x 30" photo print at very high quality. Please be patient during download, although saved as JPGs,

most of the files will be 10MG or larger, uncompressed files range approx 30-60MG depending on cropping.


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GSABA Portrait  7816

GSABA Portrait  7817